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Suggested Reading: Echoes, Neo-Victorian Poetry

Echoes, Neo-Victorian Poetry - Janice T.

If you’re as tired of shallow and pretentious prose as I am, then take a taste of these good old-fashioned, solid, rhyming poems. This lovely little volume will add a touch of class to any library with nearly everything written in iambic pentameter!  And, most important of all, it was written by my mommy.


Janice T is an amazing modern poet who breaths new life into the classic style.  She loves to brag that she’s been writing poetry since she was 11!  The works in this book really have that fermented feeling to them, just like a lovely glass of well aged wine.  You may have also noticed, that one of her poems starts off Clockwork Twist : Waking…


While all of these poems are new and fresh, when I read her work I hear echoes of the great English romantic era poets. Each poem — from the inspiring pace ofTrain of Thought to the clever satire of Emery — is like taking a vacation from the hectic and hyper-trendy world we live in, to bask in an oasis of clarity and thoughtful repose.


Get the paperback or eBook on AmazonCreatspace, or Smathwords.


Give it a quick look at the Goodreads page too!


Janice T’s Facebook page.  http://janice-t.weebly.com


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